New RSE Accommodation Complex Established in Hawke’s Bay

In the midst of a Government declared Hawke’s Bay seasonal worker shortage,Thornhill Contracting Limited is ensuring they attract and retain a strong RSE team to help address this issue, with their most recent initiative being a new fit-for-purpose RSE accommodation complex in Hastings.

After purchasing the long-standing Angus Hotel in November last year, and completing a partial overhaul and refurbishment of the facility, we reopened for business in early January and as of this week have an RSE occupancy level of 312.

As part of this Angus hotel project we’ve implemented a full catering service, which we have outsourced. This provides three nutritious and balanced meals a day which we subsidise. We also provide laundry and housekeeping services (also outsourced), full access to WIFI, communal areas with activities and Sky TV, smart TVs in all of the rooms.

Already we are seeing an improvement in productivity and just the general wellbeing and morale of these guys as a result of the full service we are providing them.

The fact that they are away from their home countries, their families and their usual way of lives certainly has an impact and it’s not uncommon to see them missing meals or not taking care of themselves as well as they could be.

These guys are hard workers and they work long days, so by providing a full service inclusive of food and housekeeping we are freeing up their evenings so they can spend this time talking to family back at home, relaxing and recharging the batteries for the following days work.

Addressing the labour shortage and the limits on RSE quotas is not something we can solve overnight – it’s an industry wide crisis – but what we can do in the short-term is everything in our power to ensure maximum productivity amongst the labour we do have on-board.

This is a significant investment for us but we believe it’s a worthwhile initiative when its improving the general wellbeing and moral amongst the RSE workers and we can see it translating into higher productivity for our valued clients.

With future scope to develop and extend the facility, we look forward to keeping you posted throughout the journey.