Meet Feagai Peivi

We thought we’d start introducing you to our team – the people who work hard to help us deliver a top-level service to our clients.

This month we interviewed Feagai Peivi. Feagai has been working at Thornhill for six years, and he is certainly one of our most experienced team members. Immigrating from Samoa as a young and ambitious 19-year-old over 20 years ago, Fea started working in the viticulture/horticulture industry and he’s never looked back.

You have been doing this for a long time now Fea, so you must enjoy it?
Yes – if you work hard there is always plenty available and I really like working for Thornhill because they look after their team well, and support us. I like the variety of work as the seasons change.

You must have finely tuned your technique over the past two decades as I hear you have been the running champion at the local Silver Secateurs Competition for five years now – what do you put your success down to?
It’s about speed and technique. In the pruning season I get to practice every day and I am always thinking about how I can improve.
I haven’t had any luck down at the Malborough competition the last two years I have been but I am hoping this year is my year. It is very good of Thornhill to send us down to the competition.

You have been in NZ a long time now so you know the way of life here. The RSE workers from Samoa must find it helpful to have you around?
Yes I have been in NZ for long enough now to know how things work. I spoke no English when I got here but I have learnt over the years and I can help guys when they need some assistance with translation. I have also helped recommend people I know back in Samoa who have come over on the RSE scheme.
Fea is heading down to the Malborough Silver Secateurs Competition this coming weekend and we wish him all the best!!