Angus Hotel – Quarterly Update

The Angus Hotel and the initiatives we run from it continue to bear fruit for our business, our employees and in turn our clients.

Since the last update, our ‘Accommodate to Work’ scheme, where former offenders are housed at the Angus Hotel on their release and provided with work, pastoral care and meals, is going strong. With around 20 former offenders having come through the programme to date, it’s great to see the impact it is having in people’s lives and the way in which it’s helping break that cycle of reoffending. Many have become long-term valued staff – some are still living with us at the Angus Hotel, while others have moved on to their own independent living arrangements. Those who have been involved have said there is no doubt in their minds they’d be back in prison by now had they not been given this opportunity, and that it has been a really good way to transition back into society.

We run another initiative – ‘Release to Work’ where prisoners that display consistent role model behaviour are granted permission to live and work ‘outside the wire’. We are employing ten of these guys at the moment, and whilst it requires a higher level of supervision on our part, they are excellent workers and openly appreciative of the opportunity. We pick them up and drop them back each day, and we’ve started picking up and delivering takeaways to them once a week, which they absolutely love!

We also work with the probation office, employing ex-offenders who have been released from prison on probation. This is going really well too, and the level of pastoral care we provide plays a big role in keeping these guys focused on a positive and successful future.

Obviously these initiatives have all been born out of a constant need to find staff so that we can deliver the service to our clients that we pride ourselves on at Thornhill, but the opportunity to be able to make a difference in our local community and give people a chance to start fresh with a clean slate is something we get great satisfaction out of.

Given the huge success of the Angus Hotel so far, we have recently lodged a building consent to convert the old Bird Cage Bar into a 66-bed RSE accommodation complex – one that’ll be of the same high standard. We hope to open this early next year.