Angus Hotel Proving its Worth

The Angus Hotel is continuing to prove its worth as a valuable initiative, with around x people in occupancy at present.

The system of providing workers with three meals a day is going well and the upgrade project is ticking away with good progress.

It’s widely known that Hawke’s Bay is in the midst of a housing crisis, and at Thornhill we are committed to ensuring the Hotel is being used to its full capacity, as much as we can. We want to be a positive contributor to our community, and disprove the Councils views around RSE accommodation being an issue in the pressure on housing resources.

We have been proactive in seeking out ways to do this and we’re pleased to report the positive remarks we received from Minister of Immigration, Ian – Lees Galloway, during a recent visit to the complex.

In addition to the RSE workers, we are also accommodating around 35 people in our transitional housing unit under an agreement we have forged with Emerge Aoteoroa. People staying with us under this programme are housed in a separate block of flats at the back of the property which have been completely refurbished.

Another new initiative for Thornhill is the ‘Accommodation to Work’ scheme which we commenced in x this year. We have a partnership with the Ministry of Social Development and Corrections which sees us provide employment and accommodation to kiwis in need and former prisoners as part of their rehabilitation back into society. This is an optional initiative and is so far proving really successful for all involved parties. We currently have 9 people on board as part of this initiative – each with their own rooms at the Angus and meals provided.

We are always working hard to supply top quality labour to our clients, and enough of it, and we believe the Angus Hotel is continuing to be a valuable piece of the puzzle in enabling us to do this.

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